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Mac Market is a collaborative food, drink, and event space opening in summer of 2019. It is housed in a historic warehouse building within McMinnville’s developing craft district called the NE Gateway. The vision for the district is to create a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood where things are crafted, experienced and enjoyed.

Mac Market is located on the main artery for the NE Gateway, Alpine Avenue. With five blocks of beautiful landscaping, picnic tables and benches, this "festival street" sets the stage for community gatherings and craft-focused commerce.


A little history

In 2016, Diana Riggs and Todd Severson uprooted their life in Seattle to live on the road in an old Airstream camper. The mission was adventure but the ultimate goal was to find a new hometown to settle in for the long run. After exploring much of the west, they kept coming back to McMinnville. They fell in love with the beauty, location, and most of all community.

As a spirited entrepreneur, Diana is always looking for opportunities to create and cultivate gathering. Upon her first tour of the historic Huberd Shoe Grease building, she was struck by all the possibilities the space could offer. With the help of the city, local business owners, and the community, Mac Market—a place to taste—was born.

After 40+ years on the road, the Airstream will retire permanently at Mac Market to become the new cocktail bar. Follow the transformation by clicking below.